Friday, November 7, 2008

What Can I Say?

In an earlier post today, I noted that my name has never been more time-consuming. People just want to talk about it. It's rarely the people I know -- it's everyone else. Often, they acknowledge how tired I must be of talking about the name Barack, even as they chatter merrily on about it. I'm not complaining; I'd just like a better, funnier way to respond. A few months ago, I told some friends I lacked a decent default response to comments on my name. One wag said, "That's easy: Just shake their hand and say, 'I'll appreciate your vote this November.'"

I did that a few times. It was an easy laugh, but it felt canned and kinda fake. In any case, the votes are in, and I need a new response. The hoopla may subside, and after thousands of babies are named after our first non-white President, my name may even become a commonplace. But till then, I'm looking for a charming way to respond to the endless remarks. If you have a suggestion, please provide it in the comments section below.

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