Friday, April 22, 2011

Two things ....

Hello again. Now that social media is part of my work, I feel the absence of blogging more keenly than ever. So I have two things to report to the starved followers of Barak or Barack:

1. A tweet I posted this week: How Obama became "cool" -- just part of the "The Real Story of Obama's Mom," as noted on The Atlantic Wire

According to this summary review of an excerpt from a book, it's an Asian thing. Well, it's a reaction the future POTUS developed in Asia to being mercilessly teased by little Asian kids when he was a little anomaly in Indonesia. Both touching and telling. (Which is not the same as kissing and telling.)

2. On another note, there was this note of appreciation for yours truly from a lovely African-American publicist I met a few months ago (delivered second-hand yesterday): "I just love that he has a black name!"

Um, thanks!