Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Booker: Super Hero, Not Super Speller

Cory Booker, the hero Mayor of blighted Newark, NJ, the main reason Mark Zuckerberg donated $100 million to improve that city's schools, has a spelling problem. A spelling problem with Barack Obama.

Some might say Booker has an Obama problem, based on unrelated incidents, but having lived very close to the Barak/Barack confusion for years now, I can attest that all kinds of people can't tell my name from his. Our homonymity has slightly reduced my anonymity.  Very slightly, and primarily because I persist in writing goofy things like this.

The confusion usually runs in the other direction, but c'mon -- it's just one little letter. A "C," no less. Barely a passing grade. It's not like he lied about his marathon time.  Anyway, I think we can blame Sharon Macklin, Treasurer of Bookerteam for Newark, whose name is on the flyer. Let her take some heat.