Sunday, July 20, 2008

By Enki!

Astute readers of the last post may have noted the arrival of a new face to the scene. That would be Enki. As in “By Enki …!” (see below for details.)

Did I invent Enki? I did not. Enki is a product of the ancient Sumerians, for whom s/he was:
The Sumerian high god of water and intellect, creation, wisdom and medicine who could restore the dead to life. He was the source of all secret and magical knowledge of life and immortality. Enki possessed the secret of me, ‘culture, civilization’, which is the genius of progress in knowledge to lead humanity. He invented civilization for the people and assigned to each his destiny. He created order in the cosmos. He filled the rivers with fish. He invented the plough and the yoke so that farmers could till the earth with oxen. He made the grain grow. He is the father of all plants.

Thanks, Encyclopedia Mythica™!

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